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Worship Events

Do you need a worship team for your church event/youth event/conference/Sunday service? Dewald and the INFAITH worship team are equipped, anointed, excited and Passionate about worship and would love to minister through worship at your GATHERING.  

Dewald Du Plessis and the INFAITH worship team can accompany the “Teaching & preaching” apostolic input or can be a stand alone event.


Short Courses

All believers need to MATURE.  We believe that the TRUTH of God’s word MATURES & GROWS people.  There is no other FOUNDATION we should be building on.  We have developed bible study courses that we can come and teach at your ministry/church/conference OR you can purchase the material and facilitate the courses on your own.  

We offer the following courses:

– Dream interpretation.

– Foundations of the faith.

– Biblical Marriage.


Preaching & Teaching

We are passionate about equipping the BODY OF CHRIST.  Part of that calling includes ministering at/to local churches.  If you would like us to come and minister (teach/preach/prophetically impart) at your church event/ministry event, give us a shout.  

Events include: Conferences/Sunday church services/church camps/bible schools. Focused events on marriage/ladies/men.

If you have a specific theme for your camp/event, let us know.

Image by Kyle Smith

Worship Input

Do you want to grow & equip your worship team? Dewald & team offer a variety of courses and apostolic input in the following areas: Songwriting/worship production & sound. Teaching on growing your worship team, and prophetic worship.

Why not take things a LEVEL UP!


Be Inspired

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